How the group works


Each event starts with open networking for around half hour then round table , during breakfast when every guest can introduce themselves and have an opportunity to give a short overview of their business.  Use these to tell people what you do and also what sort of clients you are looking for.  Its a great opportunity to build trust and future business connections.  Your enthusiasms can help you generate opportunities – because people like to do business with people they like.

Each meeting has a different  guest speaker, which will take place around 8.30pm for 10-12 minutes

Why it works

  • The more everyone knows about each others businesses the more likely we are to see an opportunity.
  • The better people know you the more likely they are to want to do business with you.
  • There is no pressure to sell, no requirement to bring in and exchange referrals. Good leads happen naturally and won’t come immediately
  • Because everyone can learn from hearing about the experiences of others
  • Because we try to avoid the usual networking cliches.